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There is so much to share and study about the Christmas story.
I pray that as you have read these little devotionals, you have been challenged to think of the Season in a much different way.
The Spirit of Christmas was everywhere. Holy Spirit orchestrated in each and every person and activity.
The players all played an important part in telling the story. It was simple yet very profound.
It had to be that way, the miracle of a baby.
The miracles taking place over and over meeting each one on a very personal level.
How did God plan this very perfect birth? We will never know fully.
We just know it was Holy, it was ordained and a son was born.
We often sing songs like “Oh little town of Bethlehem, or “away in a manger,” Or even the more meaningful ones like “Oh Holy Night.”
We hold our candles in the Christmas eve services and we know and understand that without a little baby, born in a manger, we would not have salvation and hope.
Hope is so necessary for life to continue for us. It allows us to trust more and love deeper .
The song says, “Fall on your knees” and we breathe deep as we listen to the powerful words of the singers.
When Silent Night comes on we slow down, we listen and we remember.
It is good to remember the reason is not just Santa and Rudolph and candy canes.
It is about a Savior who changed lives. Mary’s and Joseph’s and the Shepherd’s and the wise men.
We cannot forget Zechariah and Elizabeth, or Anna or Simeon.
We cannot forget how the Angel Gabriel shared the good news in a powerful and moving way.
I think he tells us, “do not be afraid” too.
God brought us a redeeming love so we can sing, “Oh Holy Night” and mean it perhaps for the first time.
The Spirit of Christmas is right where we find it…in our hearts if we truly receive.