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As the story continued for Mary and Joseph, there are many things we are not told.
Such as, how did her family react to her news about a baby coming?
There is no mention of her mom or dad, grand parents or brothers or sisters, we do hear of a cousin who will join in the story later on.
We know Mary was young, a teen, we also know Joseph was older. I am not sure how much older.
We know the culture in that time did not accept ‘unwed’ mothers, and it should have been and perhaps was, a deep concern for them.
We know that Joseph had a few second thoughts about it, until the angel told him all was well.
There is little mention of him after the baby was a few years old, was he not around or just very quiet?
When Mary’s family was told of the baby coming did they abandon her and shun her?
Later in the story she leaves with Joseph alone, just the two of them and the baby she was carrying.
Was there a good bye from her family or a big ‘disaster’ between them?
That would be a deep heart ache for her, to follow Joseph in the midst of ‘her pregnancy’ and maybe broken relationships.
Joseph could be her support person, but he had not ever been in this situation before.
So much was new and scary for both of them.
So much was on their hearts as they followed after God.
Later we will see Mary accepting her role in this miracle.
She allowed her heart to fall in love with this ‘child’ to be, just as any other expectant mom.
There is more to the story as we unfold the miracles and the majesty.
God was in control of the life to come. God came near and was among us.
In the form of a baby. A Christ child. A new precious, presence of the HOLY.
Only Joseph and Mary would know the depth of this miracle.
Only Joseph and Mary were called to do this role, and to be the ones who would hold it deep within them.
Luke two verse nineteen says:
[but Mary kept all these things in her heart and thought about them often.]
I would imagine she would each day she saw her tiny baby move inside her.
With each kick, each hiccup, each life altering movement for both of them.
I would imagine she was remembering, the angel who told her.