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After we have worked hard

After we have worked hard on this task of cleaning and purging it is important to take the time to re-evaluate what we learned in the process and how can we not repeat it.
If it was too much clothing, then we must master the ability to say “I don’t it need anymore.”
If it was books, same story, how many can you read?
Keep the very special ones and send the others to a different place of residence.
My husband will often say, “what are you getting rid of?”
It puts me on a ‘defense’ because I am not getting rid of something; I am hopefully blessing someone with what I had and liked.
It is all a matter of perspective and wording.
The other thing that is really important to me is ‘let me do this on my schedule.’
Do not tell me what to do, in fact don’t really even suggest what I need to work on.
Just let me work on it.
When I get done with this major process I might reward myself with something special.
For instance if I give away four pairs of shoes that I marginally liked, then I can find ONE pair I really love.
It is a reward system that works. Minimize to maximize your goal.
I am really liking comfort clothing. Removing the old jeans that ‘bug’ me when I wear them.
Also the petite short length tops. Yes they used to be favorites of mine but if I do not feel covered when I raise my hands up then it is time for them to move on.
It takes a lot of ‘determination’ when doing all this.
But in the end it is so worth it.
Allow yourself time to deal with the ‘list’, then also allow yourself time to deal with how to re-center or re-do the space that is now open.
Try really hard to not fill it up with other ‘stuff’, empty space is freeing.
September is a great time for starting new routines and thoughts.
Then when it’s all done you can move into the holiday season feeling refreshed and ready.
Are we going to encourage each other in this process? I hope so.
Let’s roll up our sleeves and get it done. With a smile and with a sense of accomplishment.

The next area to deal with

Have you ever really looked in your kitchen cabinets and wondered when you last used something?
I can think of at least two drawers and three parts of the cabinets that could be purged and cleaned.
When I did daycare I had kid cups and spoons and plates. Don’t need those anymore.
How many coffee cups do we like or love?
What about the utensil drawer? we have been married 42 years and some of the items have been with us that long.
How many serving dishes does one really use on a weekly basis?
That electric fry pan you store in the garage? like it or love it, your answer will tell you if you should send it to another ‘person’s home’.
I am trying to de-clutter as much as I can this fall. It needs to be done.
It is necessary just as the clothing and or the shoes.
Get it processed and focus on what you really want to keep.
At some point in time we are going to redo my den-office room.
In this journey of redoing and purging it is going to take time to go through drawers and or closets of all kinds.
I have even thought of coats and sweaters. How many does one need and how often do we wear them? I have favorites. What about the heavy winter coat, yes keep.
What about the multiple kinds of sweatshirts?
In this process of cleaning it is almost always going to bring you back to the question,
“do I like it or love it, does it serve a purpose.”
The fall and winter season will be upon us soon and then we will drag out the Thanksgiving decorations and Christmas too.
How much of those do we need to keep?
As we move through this process let us keep in mind the whole purpose of removing the items we don’t want or need; is re-purposing them for others to enjoy.
Keep focused and stay on track.
YOU can do it… you can manage this task. Be proud of yourself as you do it.

The process continues for us

My husband and I have a saying about keeping things in our home.
Do we like it or do we love it.
Does it have a purpose or is it a sentimental part of our lives?
Could we live in peace if it was gone or should we make room for it always?
These are very good questions for all of us to consider when purging and cleaning.
Remember the goal and reasons of simplifying our lives; to maintain a more peaceful environment.
That can mean to ask the same question for many areas or rooms.
Do we like it or do we love it.
Last year my husband cleaned out his three tool boxes and kept his favorites; then gave the left overs to our grandsons who loved having their own hammers and tools.
It is so simple sometimes.
One day I found myself going through old magazines and tearing off our address then sending the rest into a recycle box to be recycled.
They don’t serve a purpose after awhile unless you can take them to a doctor’s office where they mostly have outdated and boring things to read.
I know in the den I have many books that serve little purpose for me now, so they will go away too.
In our room there are more assorted books and items that really could leave and not be missed.
It will be both fun and freeing to get this project done.
Does it take energy? yes because when one is a sentimental messy it is an internal shift to ‘give away’.
Just like any project we have to have a purpose, and a goal so we can visualize the end result.
One year I cleaned out my closet and gave away over 15 sweatshirts. How many can one person wear?
It freed up space and it went to a good cause.
That is what this message is about. Repurposing our ‘things’ to bless others in the process.
Are we ready to continue this process?

The next step in moving forward

When we are talking about moving forward with intention it brings to us a stirring.
The first question that might stir feelings around our ‘plans’ of getting organized; is discovering the ‘why’ you want to change.
Change always requires effort and a stepping forward in a new direction.
Knowing the ‘why’ behind the movement is critical to your success.
It is really helpful when we can either write it down or verbally say out loud.
The reason I want to organize is: to get rid of clutter and simplify my living space.
That is our ‘why’.
We make this a new goal and we focus on change and new agenda’s.
In order for me to feel motivated I have to see progress, I have to know visually I can do this by myself and feel empowered because I did it.
The other question to ask is who is the battle for? if you are married is it a mutual goal?
If you are single is it to be on track better and more efficiently?
Someone said this week in order to accomplish anything well, we have to dig deep within ourselves to find our purpose and peace.
If we are struggling with this process of moving forward with intention, ask ‘why’.
The struggle is real, and has a sabotaging power so we must stop if this happens and regroup our intention and our focus.
It is ok to give yourself permission to take a break before returning to the tasks.
When we so return to our process of intentional cleaning we will know what gets us frustrated and what takes our mind off of the intended goal.
Motivation to change and do better is an inside job, it is not just ‘cleaning a room’.
It is allowing yourself a new day to breathe better.
It is a focusing on a new day for simpler living.
Simplicity is clearing space in our heads and in our homes for positive energy and hope.
Are we ready to move forward with a purpose?
Let’s encourage each other as we do this together.

Moving forward with intention

The idea of moving forward with intention came to me a few weeks ago.
When I plan on a task I set aside three days to really tackle it. That is my emotional limit.
If it’s a painting job, it’s done in a short time frame. I tire easily of the task and want it done.
I think it is good to have intention for many things in our lives.
Intention is: mentally determining an action or result.
The last few days I have been cleaning our master bedroom.
I started at the bathroom counter then moved to each corner of the room, removing items not needed anymore.
My personal dresser was cleaned out and I am purging old socks, and other items that have no purpose.
Really does one person need three dresser drawers of socks?
With the intention of thinking, what do I like, what is comfortable and what is the most recent purchase.
I managed to put in a bag so far over 40 pair of socks to give away. Someone might like them.
There will be more to give away and repurpose. I am intentionally ready to let go and release this stuff.
It is a good and peaceful feeling knowing that it doesn’t need to take up space.
Because my nature is to be a sentimental messy there are many items of ‘old’ memories that need to be gone through and figured out what is important and what is not.
This is a project for one person. We grow stronger when we are making the decisions for ourselves.
Moving forward with intention is a great plan for a fall season.
It takes planning and determination to not get distracted or discouraged.
Vacuuming is not fun but necessary. Dusting just the same, not exciting but we have to do it.
Personal intentions are just the same; any program or new direction is sometimes boring but in the end very positive. Once we determine the goal and intention of what is to be accomplished the rest is pretty easy.
Are there ways you can move forward with a better intention for yourself?
Let’s make this a new challenge.