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A new week

This is the beginning of a new week and it is also the beginning of the changing of seasons.
Fall looks so fresh and colorful.
Leaves dropping one by one landing to the ground in a pile of color.
Trees standing with yellows and oranges and reds and browns, letting go of the old and entering in to a space of empty.
I love this time of year.
Perhaps that is why we got married in this ‘season’ of cool and color and rain and wind.
It is refreshing.
It is the ending of hot summer and the beginning of cool brisk fall day sand of planning for the holidays. It is walking in the cool, listening to the Canadian geese in the sky heading on their yearly path for the winter.Canada_Geese_Goose_Orange_Sky_V-Formation
It is finding your old coats or sweaters and dragging out your boots and umbrellas.
It is hot tea and a book and a comfy blanket or two.
It is the change of everyday that makes this season so wonderful.
One doesn’t know if rain is staying or sun is coming.
Storms are good too if you are not out in the middle of them.
I love this season of fall.
The changing of seasons are meant for us to enjoy.
Let us put on our excitement as we prepare for the coming months.
Oh the joy of fall fires in the fireplace and warm conversations with those we love.
This is the beginning, let us make it a good one.

Fridays word prompt

Today’s word prompt is something I struggle with in a lot of areas of my life.

When you come from a home that often was broken you learn that trust is not high on your list.
It reflects a lot of areas in your life as young person and then later as a older mature person.
Trust does not come easy for me.
In marriage one has to learn to trust each other and to allow each other to grow and stretch and make decisions for the goal of your dreams together.
That is not an easy process for we were married young and I entered into the context of marriage with many years of broken words.
Learning to trust was a process only God could do deep into my heart.
Yes we had times when trust was broken and I learned ‘the message’ in my head was counterproductive to the ‘healing’ God wanted me to have in this new relationship.
We are heading into our 42nd year of marriage and trust has to be part of that process.
Many times those who were supposed to stand up for me and be my advocate failed to do that.
In marriage, we stand up for each other and we are the voice of encouragement, faith and hope when the world around us often does not share that thought. says trust is: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person. Confidence – confident expectation of something, hope.

A person of whom one relies on – God is my trust. 
Obligation or responsibility imposed on a person in whom confidence is placed.

Trust… such a serious, relational word.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this ‘very challenging’ topic.



Friday’s five minute word prompt

When I think of this word I think of my own interpretation which is very simply called  ‘hug’.
Embracing another with a warm receptive hug either when saying hello or saying goodbye. says: to clasp or take in the arms ((hug))
to take or receive gladly or accept willingly
to allow oneself of an opportunity; to adopt a religion or belief
to take into the mind or eye; to encircle, surround or enclose
to include or to join.
This weekend I went to see my best friend and when we arrived we were met with hugs and welcome and ‘oh it’s so nice to see you.’
Embracing our friendship and our relationship as it has grown for many long years.
When we see a new baby we ‘hold our arms out’ to embrace the precious bundle.
When we leave a loved one we often ’embrace them’ as we say good bye and tell them it was so good to visit and see them.
It is a holding close to what is precious and valuable to us.
Family, friends, those who have meaning in our lives and in our hearts.
When I think of embrace I see a ‘oneness’ and a message that says:
We value each other.

We must choose

One week ago we were sitting in a church filled with many people, remembering those we have grown to love and call our friends.
It’s hard to understand even after just a few weeks have passed.
Tara’s brother and sister talked about their sister.
It was good for them to share from their hearts and it was good for us as people listening, to hear ‘who she was as a sister’ not just the wife of David.
Her brother said ‘for her to come to a small town, and then to meet a wonderful family’ was God’s greater purpose.
He said ‘perhaps, in God’s bigger picture’, it was not an accident.
Because she had lost her own mother she would understand the pain of that kind of loss.
When she moved into a small county town to go to a ‘Christian college’ and do her psychology work with a family with young people who ‘lost their mother.’
Perhaps God was orchestrating another ‘purpose’ behind the scenes.
What a perfect place for her to settle in and learn to care for and eventually love this ‘special family.’
She would be someone who could truly say, “I understand.”
Because she did.
The love grew between herself and the family and mostly between herself and David.
It was a healthy kind of love that took it’s time.
In the service the time came for the four grown children to share about David and Tara.
Each one playing a part and a role in saying good bye to a wonderful dad and mom.
I am sure they are still filled with questions as to why it had to happen.
Why and how and what took place that evening on a country road.
The investigation still continues.
It seems to be just a tragic circumstance and I am hoping it won’t go any further.
Then yesterday in our State another ‘hard to believe’ series of shootings took place.
Ten people passed away and many were wounded by a senseless act of evil.
Those people didn’t get up and go to work and go to school thinking that ‘today is my last day to live’.
Just like Dave and Tara who were riding down a country road for a casual time outside.
They didn’t know or have any idea it would be the last ride, they would ever take together.
It is proving to me more and more as I get older, that we cannot let a day go by without telling our loved ones how we care for them, how important they are and what purpose they have in our lives.
We must not waste a moment.
Many people will begin this fall season with loss.
They will have the holidays to look towards, with memories of loved ones in their heart and mind.
Tears will come and so will anger, sadness with sit with them as they struggle to remember.
Sorrow is for a lifetime. Yes it softens. The intensity shifts to memories instead of intense tears.
There are many things in this life we will never understand, but if we believe in a God who has a higher purpose, then we can hold onto and cling to the hope that only He gives us.
That should we die early and should we leave way before we wish to, there is a place of comfort and a place of peace for us to reside in forever in a new heavenly home.
Loss is hard. No matter if it is a car wreck, shooting or physical ailment.
I think the lesson for all of us, is to choose, how we will live and how we will love.
And I will even add, how we will learn to say good bye.
Because someday we will have to even when we have no answers.

We said Good Bye

The Service was very moving.
Incredibly sad, I have never been to a service for two people at the same time.
Lot’s of beautiful flower bouquets. Lots of pictures.
The children who are now grown did the service. Each of them taking turns sharing something special about their parents.
The slide show was a wonderful example of ‘who’ they were as a couple and as individual professional counselors.
They loved each other. They loved their family.
They were full of energy and life until it was cut short one evening.
The service showed how they were as grand parents and as parents.
It showed how they loved.
I still cannot believe they are gone.

David and Tara
We will always miss you
It was too soon to have you leave.
You are together and you truly loved.  

Our good friend

Our good friend passed away yesterday morning.
It is a bittersweet ending to the tragic life ending story that unfolded a week ago.
A normal day, riding your bike out on a country road ends in tragedy and sorrow.
We grieve. We ask why and have no answers.
We trust when we don’t know how.
God knows the day we are born and the day we die.
It is not for us to know, only for us to live our lives right and good and in peace so that when tragedy happens, there are no words left unsaid or regrets never solved or healed.
We will miss them and I ask for prayers for their immediate families.
For the upcoming holidays without parents.
For the ‘first’s that are so hard to manage at any age.
What a reunion they must have had when he arrived after her, in heaven.
They were believers so we know that is their final place now.
Our sorrow is for a season and our memories are for a lifetime.
It is a hard feeling to lose a loved one and if that loved one is a parent it leaves one feeling alone, in a very different way.
I know because my parents have passed in the last two years.
Please pray for their four children as they move through this very difficult time.

Still praying

Our family friend is still in critical care ICU.
We pray for the family who is left, his four grown children and grandchildren.
We pray for doctors to have wisdom, strength, knowledge, and of course compassion.
This has been an incredibly hard and difficult time as the waiting room becomes a place of residence for them, until they know his stability, his recovery process, or even how to make critical decisions for him and his care.
I personally do not know how to pray.
He is so broken, so injured. It will be a miracle of God if we see him wake and even move.
We believe in a God of miracles.
We also know He works within his own time frame.
Our time is not God’s time, nor is our wish His will.
We all wait and pray and ask God for hope.
It’s all we can rest in now.

Another Friday’s word prompt

I had written my first word prompt for the five minute challenge.
Then I thought what was really up front on my mind was the prayers for a family friend.
So I am asking those who read this ‘blog’ to pray for a friend of ours.
His life will never be the same again.
On September 9th he was riding his bike on a rural country road with his wife.
They were hit from behind and she was killed instantly.
He is currently still in the hospital with very critical injuries.
His life will never be the same.
I have prayed for the driver who hit them.
I would imagine that person’s life will never be the same either.
It was a normal day of sharing life together. Doing what they enjoy.
By evening a nightmare had happened and life changed in an instant.
Nothing remained the same.
In a single moment in time.
There are many hurting hearts surrounding this story, hearts full of sorrow and deep concern.
On that moment, in that instant, nothing remained the same.
Just like on September 11th, 14 years ago. No one knew it was coming.
There was no warning.
It was a life changing, life altering moment for everyone involved.
Please pray for this man our very dear friend.
For his health to return. For the wisdom of the doctors.
For his broken shattered heart and body to heal.
For his family and friends who will surround him with love, prayers and help.
We ask God for healing but we also ask God for his will and perhaps even a miracle.
We don’t know how the future will look for him for there will be many struggles ahead
as he journeys through this ‘season of sorrow and recovery.’
Nothing will ever be the same.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted: he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34:18

Friday’s word prompt

The word for the day is Same.
On this September 11th… the day we all remember in history as horrific and horrible.
We will never be the same as we were then.
In fact on many levels we are worse.
Our laws are changing. Our leaders are not as strong or patriotic.
I don’t feel the same pride we all had in our United States of America.
It is sad. It is remorseful. We need repentance and hope.
I am fearful for our freedoms and our ability to choose for ourselves.
This climate of removing our ‘laws’ and traditions and moving away from
God and his mercy.
It is dangerous. It is and can be scary.
Those who hope in the Lord and trust in his provision know we have hope.
But it is still very unsettling to see all that is going on and with another election two years away from now, a lot of things can take place that we might not like.
Or want or believe in.
We must remain strong and remain patriotic and proud.
Our flag will fly and bring freedoms to us.
Our USA is amazing and good and wealthy and can be deep down spiritual.
Let us hold onto to our ‘truths’… and may God continue to Bless America land that we love.

cross and sky from heart and soul reflections